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Hire Agreement Terms and Conditions

(a) For the purpose of this agreement AMC Car Hire Ltd is referred to as “The Owner”
(b) “The Hirer” means the person, firm or organisation by or on behalf of whom the agreement is signed.

1 Terms of Agreement
This agreement commences on the date of our acceptance and will continue until notice of cancellation is given in writing by either party.

2 Your Obligations
During the period of this agreement you will:-
Punctually pay the rental due, as this is vital and is a condition of this agreement.
Take proper and effective care of the hired vehicle and notify us immediately if there is any damage loss or breakdown
Keep vehicle insured under all times and all circumstances
Not sell, dispose off or part with possession of the vehicle or transfer its registration on any name

3 Uses of car
All cars leased to The Hirer must be used for authorised purpose and by authorised drivers only. These cars can only be used in England and Wales and can not be taken out of the country.
No unauthorised drivers or driver without UK full licence can drive leased vehicle. Under 25 years of age drivers can drive only with written consent and full insurance on their name.

4 Maintenance of Vehicle
It is the primary responsibility of The Hirer to maintain all vehicles on lease from The Owners and keep them in absolute road worthy condition. A regular change of oil, breaks systems and other items must be done in time to save the vehicle form any damage.

5 Insurance
The Hirer will be responsible for comprehensive insurance of all the vehicles which are accepted on lease from The Owners. Insurance will be from date and time the car is taken out of our garage, till completion of one year.

6 Taxation
The Hirer will be responsible for correct up-to-date TAX disc of all cars hired from The Owners for the complete lease period

7 Fine and Penalties
In case of any fine or penalty The Owners will be informed within 24 hours in writing either by letter, FAX or Email and Driver of the car and The Hirer will remain responsible for all such fines and penalty charges.

8 Accident
In case of an accident The Owners will be informed immediately but not later then 8 hours by FAX or Email. The Owners will try to reach the scene of accident, whether minor or major and will asses the damage done to its own car as well as to 3rd party car. No commitment or fault should be accepted by the drivers, without consulting The Owners Management team.

9 Delivery and Collection of Vehicle
All deliveries will be made from The Owners garages and after that The Hirer will be responsible. Similarly we will

receive and check in detail all cars returned to us, when these reach in our garages and keys are handed over to us.

10 Payment
The first rental is payable at the beginning of the first payment period which shell begin on the date of our acceptance of this agreement. Subsequent rentals are payable on the same day of each following payment period. After completion of minimum period rentals will continue at the same rate until terminated as set out below:-

If you terminate your agreement before the initial period of 12 month, then you must pay all arrears and the future rentals to the end of the contract.

11 Default
We can bring the hire under this Agreement to an end at any time during the period of the agreement if any of the following happens:-
you fail to pay any rental within 7 working days from the date when it is due.
You fail to keep to any of your other obligations under this agreement
The hirer of this vehicle, having agreement for hire with us, are unable to pay debts and go in to liquidation or administration or have a receiver overall or any of your assets
Any of the above clauses will be considered as “REPUDIATION”

12 Set off
If any monies are payable to The Hirer under this agreement by The Owners, The Owners may withhold from these monies an amount equal to the total monies owed to The Owners under this or any other account.

13 Contracts (Right of third Parties)
A person who is not a party of this agreement shall have NO right to enforce any terms of this agreement under the contracts (Rights of third party) Act 1998

14 Governing Law
This agreement is governed by English Law. Any dispute arising from it shall be subject to the Jurisdiction of the English Courts. By signing this agreement you agree and understand the following:

If you are a corporate body, or if the total payment you have to make under this agreement are more then £25,000.00 then this agreement is not regulated by the consumer Credit Act 1974, and any statements in this agreement about the Act and its consequences of it do not apply to you.

If two or more people are responsible for Hiring part of the agreement they are liable individually and together.

The Hirer will be responsible for returning the vehicle to an address chosen by The Owner when the agreement ends. It must be in roadworthy and good condition.

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