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  Credit Hire

If you were unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident that was not your fault, being off the road will understandably add to your frustration.

Credit-hire as a concept has been around for about twenty years. In the 1980s 'courtesy cars' were more or less unknown and at that time there was little no assistance for innocent victims of non-fault accidents - either from the "at-fault" party's insurance company or indeed from their own.

A few firms of solicitors recognised that this was unfair and were able to find car-rental companies who would provide accident replacement vehicles to their clients but give a period of credit to allow the rental charges to be recovered from the "at fault" party. Credit-hire as a service and as an industry was created.
Since then, an understanding has been reached between credit-hire companies and the insurance industry whereby daily hire rates are agreed under the Association of British Insurers' General Tariff Agreement. Under this agreement the "at-fault" party's insurer is invoiced for car-hire at the agreed daily hire rates and the bill is settled directly.

As part of AMC Car Hires complete non-fault claims service, owning our own fleet of vehicles puts us in control of the provision of a replacement vehicle. As such we can speedily authorise the supply of a vehicle specifically suited to your needs.

With a network of branches nationwide, AMC Car Hire can deliver you a like for like replacement vehicle within a matter of hours to a location convenient to yourself., reducing vehicle ‘down time’ for you and your family.

Our comprehensive fleet of vehicles includes a wide range of standard vehicles as well as executive, chauffeur and specialist models.

Dealing with AMC Car Hire affords you a complete peace of mind. The cost of a replacement hire vehicle is recovered from the 3rd party insurers.

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